I Underestimated Time

I didn’t realize that my last blog post was back in July of 2012. It’s no wonder it feels like I haven’t written here in forever. What have we been up to? A whole lot of nothing. Everything has still been at a stand still because I’m not entirely sure we know in what direction … Continue reading


After a terrifyingly expensive trip to Lowes, Husband came home and did this to our living room. He hasn’t done the entire room yet but this is a start! This is one coat so far and it excites me, I feel like with mudding we are nearing the end of the living room. I think … Continue reading

Show Me Your Wood

It has been a little while since I actually posted pictures in here! Awhile ago Husband was putting up the lower sections of drywall and he was cutting away the carpet, well we decided to go further out. More so out of wonder of what the floor boards looked like and what kind of shape … Continue reading

Houston; We Have A Problem

The kitchen is still stalled. The oven hasn’t been put in yet and the dinning room table hasn’t made its way into the house either. A lot of nothing seems to be getting done around here, by no fault of anyone, it just seems as though time keeps escaping us and the weekends slip by. … Continue reading

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is here; almost. It is getting very close, at the very least. I had a chance to open the window in the house and get some of that stale winter funk air out and this coming weeks forecast seems to be promising! Husband got more dry wall up last night in the living room. … Continue reading

Hello Old Friend

I am a firm believer in procrastination, not because I want to really, but because I usually run out of money. That isn’t to say if I had all the money in the world (I’d be a wealthy girl), that I wouldn’t procrastinate still, I more then likely would. But I’d be paying someone to … Continue reading

The Day of Dry Wall

The day most of our dry wall went up was Saturday. The Husband didn’t work, I didn’t work, and our partner in dry walling was willing to come up and help us. God Bless his soul for doing so. He knows his way around dry wall like a finely tuned and oiled machine; we hope. … Continue reading

A Happy Ending

Even though my poor bread maker is still broken; I wanted to go ahead and make the bread. It had simple ingredients and I had a bowl that is plastic; which helps stuff not stick to it. (Wal-Mart special!) I dumped in my hot water + my yeast + my sugar.   I let it … Continue reading

A Sad Story

After my last failed attempt at baking bread, I searched for a new recipe. I did find a new recipe and everyone’s bread looked amazing. I waited all day until I had a nice block of time to make it, I was itching to get ready! Around 8pm, I dutifully got out my yeast packet, … Continue reading